About Me

My name is DuWayne Baird.  I’m a 33 year old Technical Account Manager working on the AEP Ohio New Construction program in Columbus, Ohio.  My job is to connect commercial and industrial facilities doing new-build and major renovation projects to energy efficiency incentives.  I’ve also worked as an independent LEED consultant, a construction contract administrator, green building certification expert, and carpenter.  My education experience is in construction management, green building, and building science.  This blog will not be about my career, or even the commercial construction industry I work in.  This will be the story of my adventures in home ownership and home improvement!

In the summer of 2015 I became a first time homeowner, accomplishing a huge goal I had set for myself.  At the time, it suited the needs of a single dad and two small girls.  The location allowed for me to be close to family and the school district is excellent.  That being said, the house was built in the early 70’s and was (is) seriously needing updated.  Exactly what I was looking for!

Fast forward two years to 2017, and our family has doubled in size.  Since buying the home, I have now gotten married, added a stepson, and we welcomed a new baby girl.  The house that was plentiful for a family of three is much less ideal for a family of six.  For a variety of reasons, moving at this time is just not an option.

I’ve done a few small projects so far, mostly functional.  In my frustration at the lack of more tangible progress, I have decided to create a blog.  Why?  This home and its owner need a kick in the butt and I’m going to use this blog to hold myself accountable to effect some real change. Talk is cheap, so I want to “put my money where my mouth is” by opening myself up to public ridicule if I fail to follow through.  Great house or bust!

This is my mission:  To transform our cramped house into a place that is organized, beautiful, high tech, energy efficient, and that we love to call home!  I am armed with Google, book knowledge, basic craftsmen skills, and a will to succeed.  I’m certainly not the AM talk radio guy that can answer all your home improvement questions, but I do hope that by chronicling the research, planning, budgeting, and execution of these projects, others will find it helpful and motivating to attempt their own similar journey!